RFID Claim Shell Card

RFID Claim Shell Card

Product Description

We are Top RFID manufacture in China, our own brand of Mango is well know both domestic and abroad. We provide all types of contact chip module encapsulation (including domestic low cost chips for choice) with materials of PC, PVC, PET, ABS etc. In various dimensions and shapes. We are one of the most valuable partners with Philips and TI.

Chips Available:
TK28, TK41, H4100(TK4100), H4102(TK4102), H4550, Hitag1, Hitag2, HIS256, Hitag S2048, T5557, T5567, MF1, MFS70, Mifare Ultralight, U10, ICODE1, ICODE2, SR176, LEG, SL1 SL2, TI2048, TI256, TK9013, LR12K, LRIS2K, PicoPass 16KS, Inside16K, Inside 32K...

ISO standard size (85.60*53.98*0.80mm), CR80, Customized Size

Features Available:
Magnetic Stripe, Signature Panel, Bar Code, Metallic Gold/Silver Offset Printing, Silkscreen Printing, Serial Number Printing, Personalization Photo.

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